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Disks, Wipes and Accessories

Washable discs and wipes can be used for the care of the woman's face or make up removal. In addition to being environmentally friendly, they are inexpensive and much healthier for the skin. 

Tired of wasting? These discs and wipes are an excellent solution to help you reduce your trash waste but also to save on your budget, because these discs can be used over 400 times! After washing of course! 

No more disposable discs in bleached cotton which are becoming increasingly expensive and vivid savings! 

The best way to "go washable" is to get a sufficient number of wipes to provide a bearing that after use will be placed in a waterproof bag or laundry bag awaiting cleaning. As these small discs are thin, it is also possible to hand wash with a bit of Marseille soap after each use, it's very fast. In this case, no need to put them in the machine !!! These discs avoid excessive use of cottons. 

The footprint is tiny, easy cleaning, storage of clean wipes can be simply in a toilet bag or a box. 

Different sizes and colors are available to suit your needs and your personal tastes. Users will convince you to "go washable."